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What clients are saying:


"I am writing to you to thank you for giving my life back. When I called you this past July, I was in desperate need of help. I only contacted you to help with my ADD, but I had never thought that you were going to help me mentally, emotionally and physically. I am very proud to say that you cured my ADD, because I am not taking Concerta (36 mgr) for my ADD anymore. I realized that before the treatment I was constantly procrastinating, forgetting appointments, piling stuff and papers all over my home. I am more organized, have more focus and I am able to accomplish more in less time without struggle. I had been depressed for so many years, and I had lost my self-confidence. I was losing interest in the activities that I love to do without realizing it. As I told you on my assessment I was not happy with my life, but now I am. I am enjoying my daily life doing the things I love. I suffered from anxiety, and it was increasing gradually. Now my anxiety is almost gone. I was afraid of driving at night and you helped eliminate that fear. My health has improved tremendously too. The pain in my joints and inflammation in my body has decrease considerably. I have more energy, and I feel much better. I was sensitive to artificial and natural light. Light does not bother me anymore and I do not have to wear sunglasses all the time when I am outside. You also corrected my lazy eye. I honestly feel I left a big load behind me.
Because I saw so much improvement in myself, I decided to bring my son for a treatment. I also see big changes in him although he has not finished his treatment yet.
I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you very much"

-Cynthia B.

Direct Comments from Clients:

“I feel like I my head is clear for the first time.”  ....21 yrs male

“it helps, I feel better, it relaxes you, easier to communicate, helps me focus more"....15 yrs male

"I already notice changes. I sat down to read a book and was not distracted. I remembered everything I read

and wrote a paper without having to reread the book" ....20 yrs female

“I am no longer taking Adderall to cram for tests” ....20 yrs female

“For the first time I feel I can really focus in class and on my schoolwork.” ....22 yrs male

“I have stopped taking all medications because I don’t need them any longer”  "I am much less distracted in school" ....18 yrs male

“Finally, there’s peace in our household instead of constant friction, frustration and anger.”  ....50 yrs female

“I feel so much calmer and my Mom noticed it too.  My C and D grades have all gone up to A and B grades”  ....22 yrs male

“I wish I had known about this sooner” ....Mother of 16 yrs male

"Here are a few changes that I have noticed after only a few sessions together.

1) The right side of my visual intake seems to have had a black sheet lifted off.  My visual awareness as I drive or read has opened up and seems lighter.
2) Reading and comprehending is getting easier as well as spelling.  I am more confident about what is spelled correctly and what is misspelled.
3) The numbers that I work with daily in my job stick in my short term memory much better.  When in the past I would have to really focus and remember a group of numbers and or a long number to memory, now it is there for the time I need it and use it and it seems much easier to work with numbers.  I have always enjoyed working with numbers it just seems easier. 
4) Problem processing information in the past, thinking things to death. I have noticed that the anxiety that used to fill my body and cause me to freak out a bit doesn’t happen anymore.

I hope you know how impressed I am with you and your goal to learn this technique and help people better their quality of life.  Thank you for sharing this treatment with me and to help me better the quality of my life."


Very Sincerely,

C. M.

"Although I didn't have ADD I got the treatment to help enhance my thought processing, my balance and my reading comprehension.  The treatment was relaxing and gentle and I know that my issues have improved.  I have personally seen the huge results of this treatment on my nephew that has learning difficulties, it was unbelievable and wonderful to see the difference in him."

-P Casey

My son “L” is currently in 7th grade and 12 years old.  He has been diagnosed with ADHD.  We have tried numerous approaches to help him.  At times I would feel so very bad for his struggle with focus and sitting still long enough to learn.  Other times I would get frustrated with him.  I abandoned making him do homework at home preferring to have a peaceful home, filed with love than battling over repetitive work with little results.  Sending him to school was like torturing him.  Sitting at a desk was like putting a lion in a cage.  He refused to take traditional meds saying he did not like the way they made him feel.  I felt it was morally wrong to force him.  After his first treatment with Virginia I have seen some incredible changes in “L”.
The first was his making elaborate plans to visit a former classmate that moved back to South Korea.  This is something he would never have had the focus or ability to complete before.  He decided that since his Dad works in Hollywood he could set him up with commercial work.  This way he could make the money for the trip for himself and his friends.  Then he started looking up Korean Language sites on the internet to learn to speak the language.  He would write out the language symbols, the pronunciation and English meaning.  He priced airline tickets and hotels.  And then he contacted his other friends and told them to start studying Korean. 
Another significant change was reading and comprehension.  In Jr. High they have a daily period called SSR (Sustained Silent Reading).  Prior to his treatment “L” would just pick up science picture books on animals and nature.  Immediately after his first treatment he picked up a story book and started reading it.  He came home and retold me portions of the story he read all on his own.  My mouth was hanging open with awe. 
There is a definite shift and a mental illumination for my son.  I am so happy for him, his future and all the possibilities. 
I am thankful for Virginia and her work.

-Jennifer W.

My son recently underwent a treatment with Virginia. I do not understand the entire scope of the process, however, I clearly see a huge improvement in my son. He described her as very thorough, very much in touch, and tapping into his issues one at a time with absolute clarity. He is feeling whole again and looking forward to his next treatment.

-Dianne S.

4 year old with severe separation  anxiety:  These are three separate email feedbacks.  Her Mom had to sit in the back room of the pre-school for months before we started her work. 

  1. She never used to smile for pictures.  Look at that smile!  (mother sent a picture of child with pure delight on her face)  She starts back to pre-school on Tuesday.  That will be the real test to see how she progresses this year.  I have hope.

  2. She did seem lighter before bed tonight.  She was laughing and being so silly.  She also talked a little bit in class on Friday to her classmates which is a huge step.  I cannot put a price on her well-being and happiness.

  3. She has been doing really well this past week.  She talked to her teacher yesterday which she hadn't done in months.  We have been taking a yoga class for over a year but I always had to be in the class doing the work right next to her.  The last two weeks I was able to sit on the side and she did the yoga on her own.  She went in for her four year old check up,  she answered the doctors questions directly.  I am seeing real improvement!!

  4. She is doing so great.  She is now talking to her classmates during school.  She just started talking to the teacher yesterday.  She is not anxious in the morning at all when I drop her off.  Just one hug and she goes right into the class.  I feel so good about it.  Thank you again for all of your love.  I will keep in touch.


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