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Trauma/Anxiety Mgmt Home

Virginia is able to help people with moderate to severe emotional stress.  This would present itself as Anxieties, Depression, Panic Attacks due to traumas and perceived or real abuses experienced by the client.  The abuses could include mental or physical abuse.  Depending on the level of stressors involved associated with high stress and anxiety the client can experience extreme relief in just one 2 hour session.  Virginia uses specialized kinesiology, AP physiology modes and gentle acupressure techniques along with up to date protocols to narrow down the source of the trauma and change how the brain processes the memory of the contributing factors.  This work is always incorporated for a brain integration client however it can be done independent of a full brain integration for those not needing that.  

Please see the reaction and words of people who have experienced this for themselves.


There could be some need for additional work by Virginia for secondary trauma but the time commitment would be limited in nature.  It often helps to have a third party assist with “life coaching” once Virginia’s work is completed but that is discretionary on the part of the client.


Virginia has worked with children and adults and even a PhD psychotherapist who stated she was amazed at the results and would not consider even taking a new patient without them first seeing Virginia.

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