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How BIT Works


Have you ever been shocked by touching a metal object such as the picture to the right?  Our bodies not only conduct electricity, but have constant electrical currents flowing inside and surrounding them.  Our brain processes information using this type of energy.  When the electromagnetic circuits in the brain are not functioning correctly, processing information  can be virtually impossible.  Brain Integration correctly integrates each learning function of the brain one by one and in a specific order until the brain is set to run at full capacity.  Initial assessment is determined through muscle testing.  Based on the assessment, there could be many steps in checking and correcting each brain function.  The client rests comfortably on a table while the practitioner executes the assessment, diagnosis and treatment phases. 

™ BIT was developed over many years by combining techniques from neuroscience, advanced physiology and other proven scientific procedures.  Please refer to the tab “BIT Research and Links” to review research and studies related to this technique and to learn about the developer, Susan McCrossin.

Assessment and Diagnosis Phase

First we conduct an hour long assessment to determine if you're a good candidate for treatment. During this phase we are able to determine at a high level just where the brain has stressors that inhibit potential.   We can also determine the level of individual functioning on a scale from 1 to 100, with the goal to achieve 100 in all areas. If we are treating your child it is suggested the guardian(s) watch and involve themselves for the first hour. If it is decided that treatment is necessary and desired we will move onto the Treatment Phase.

Exaggerated Electrical Current

This video, presented by a practitioner in Boston MA, gives a very good description of BIT and focuses on ADD. The treatment is for many other learning issues some of which are also mentioned.

Treatment Phase

​This phase traditionally takes from 7 to 14 hours to complete.  We will address and rewire each issue one a time.   We address all aspects of learning processes including auditory, visual tracking, focus, attention and writing.  We also address balance any areas of anxiety caused by processing issues.  It is done in two to three hour increments unless there are special circumstances such as a very young child or extreme hyperactivity. 

Brain Integration Technique is performed by following a strict sequence of testing and correcting brain pathways. In effect, we are actually able to bridge together disconnected circuits.  The client rests comfortably on a table and may fall asleep for some parts of the treatment phase. Guardians are free to come and go as they please.

Follow Up

If the client is very young and in the middle of learning to read, write and perform basic arithmetic, they may be able to avoid special tutoring. If however, that learning phase has passed and the client has missed some of the crucial techniques learned in the younger years, they may need some short term intervention in the form of tutoring to take advantage of their corrected brain functioning.

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