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Certified and Experienced LEAP and Crossinology™practitioner addressing ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning issues

Most learning and processing disorder treatments available today use artificial environments, ineffective and repetitive training and synthetic medication like Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall to temporarily mask symptoms.  LEAP and Crossinology ™ Brain Integration Techniqe  unscrambles blocked neural pathways by permanently rewiring them.  Without using invasive techniques, we specifically address learning and processing disorders.  Combining the studies of kinesiology, neuroscience, applied physiology and acupressure we use a forty-two point testing protocol and up to 80 treatment steps.  This treatment was originally developed by Dr. Charles Krebs and has been proven as an effective treatment for specific learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia.  

Virginia Colwell is the founder of Pacific Brain Integration and is certified to administer the Crossinology™ Brain Integration Technique. Since first certification in February of 2013 with 240 hours of Crossinology™ education, she has completed over 300 integrations.  Early on she felt the need to perfect her service and has taken over 700 additional hours of training and education in the most up to date  protocols and information on the brain developed by Dr. Charles Krebs.  She also addresses anxiety, PTSD and emotional traumas in children and adults.  Virginia practices in California and can accommodate other areas by arrangement. Please contact her for phone consultation on your needs and how you can be serviced. ​

"I have never felt so fulfilled in any work that I have done including owning a company with over 100 employees.  I truly love the feeling of changing Children and Adult's lives and futures in such a significant and positive way.  I learned about this treatment when searching for a solution for my son who suffered from severe processing issues.  Despite his high IQ, he was unable to so much as take notes in a classroom.  This difficulty became increasingly obvious in high school as his native intelligence no longer satisfied the demands of higher learning.  He came to really dislike school and learning which required a continuing higher level of skills.  After having a brain integration treatment, his level of frustration and anger changed immediately and went on to  become a  confident and successful graduate of Economics at UC San Diego and is now happy in his career.  My passion has become helping others who have similar issues as my way of giving back.  

Effective For:


  • Focus and Concentration

  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Mathematic and Quantitative Understanding

  • Impulsivity Control

  • Creativity


  • Improved Mental Performance

  • Organizational Skills

  • Goal Setting and Planning

  • Problem Solving

  • Interpersonal Relationship Awareness


  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Gross and Small Motor Skills

  • Balance

  • Confidence

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